Good And Proper Way To Dress Will Suit You


a properly fitting suit

You would look like a right royal oddball if you persisted in going in the opposite direction. Unless of course that just happens to be your choice. And so it goes too that most gentlemen would have little occasion to wear a properly fitting suit these days. Dress codes in the workplace have been altered to smart casual and even to utterly casual. But do not show up in your beachwear. Do be reasonable, people.

It is not always about you. You do have to take into account other people’s sensibilities. Show a sense of decorum and you show others that you care. If not that, you show respect. You show respect for your superior when you are summoned to address him. Or her. Respect for the ladies too if you please. When you put on your smart-fitting formal jacket. You have no idea how handsome you will be looking when you put on that dark jacket.

But not to worry. That is to say that you are still having trouble with the paunch. It will be a while before you lose it. But you just never know. You just never know how quickly it all goes down and away once you proceed to correct and address poor eating and lifestyle habits. And while you are about your business, you fit your smart-looking designer jeans with a thick black belt. It is a masculine look and it is very smart indeed.

You purchase a smart suit black jacket to match, but with a longer tail that suitably disguises your diminishing paunch. But for smarter occasions, you need not purchase a full suit. You can always hire one from a bespoke tailor or outfitter. It is a good and proper way to dress.