Do You Buy Or Rent A Tuxedo?

tuxedo nyc

And here is another question: Do you really want to buy a tux? Oh, man! There are always those. Not like a normal person. Because they hardly have any occasion to wear it, most guys will just do a tuxedo nyc rental instead. That makes more sense. Because most men may well find that they will only be wearing a tuxedo no more than once or twice a year.

Or they may never need to wear a tuxedo more than half a dozen times over their entire life. So, think about it. Storing that tuxedo you wore on your wedding day for years on end is going to be a major attraction for moths and the like.

And years later when one of your boys decide to get married, well now, you try squeezing into that old thing. Old thing it is and it will never fit. In the first place, that style you wore back then no longer applies today. And it’s like the twenty-first century, Dad.

So much for offering to let your son wear it instead. Anyhow, by this time, you’ve also picked up a lot of weight. This does not necessarily follow that you’re a slouch and a tub. It’s just that you’ve grown up. That’s quite natural. And of course, when you head off to your NYC tuxedo rental store your eyes will be feasting on all the latest styles on display.

One tip if you are getting ready for your son’s wedding. Underdress. Don’t overdress. Your son needs to be the star of the show. It’s his big day. And after both you and your son have picked out a tux each which will be delivered on time, take him out for a burger and beer and give him another one of those pep talks.