The Best Graphic Design Jobs


While the field of graphic design can be pretty competitive, skilled designers can earn up to six figures a year if they prove their proficiency at designing stunning graphics.

To begin any career in this lucrative field, an individual must first complete a four-year graphic arts program. Alternatively, those with the focus to learn on their own can utilize various training tutorials online.

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Regardless of how individuals developed their graphic design skills, once they create a portfolio, they will have the opportunity to apply for some of the most in-demand jobs for 2021!


Graphic designers will have an almost unending line of work in the field of web development. From multimedia design for videos and promotional content to page layout to enhance a user’s experience, there is no area of web design that doesn’t require the skills of a talented graphic designer.

& Advertising

Individuals who do graphic design in Rocky Mount will find many lucrative careers in the marketing and advertising world. Often, these graphic design duties include:

·    Logo Design

·    Branding Creation

·    Concept Design & Implementation

·    Packaging Design

·    Brochure Design & Layout

If you enjoy helping businesses reach their operational goals through effective marketing and advertising graphics, then this industry is the ideal place to work.


Experienced graphic designers often forgo the day-to-day stress of designing visually stunning graphics and instead choose to manage a team of creatives as an art director.

As art or creative director, a graphic designer will be responsible for delegating tasks, meeting project deadlines, and approving potential design concepts.

Directing a team of creatives will require many years of experience as an established graphic designer, a portfolio representing your capabilities and potential, and a proven work ethic that shows you can effectively manage a team of employees.