Lighting Makes The Room

One of the most unattractive places to visit is a dark room.  This is why it is very important that you really take your time and focus on your custom light fixtures for your home.  With custom lighting you can really make a room stand out and with a flip of the switch, change the overall look and feel.

Standard lighting

With standard lighting there isn’t too much that is special.  The room has enough light to see, there are very little shadows in the room and typically the main source is the sun. 

Work lighting

The light we need to work with is a little more different than standard lighting. With work lighting we need to have focused light on the areas we are using.  This can include reading papers, typing on the keyboard or even working on projects with our hands.  As the day progresses the work lighting will change as well.

Mood lighting

custom light fixtures

This is probably the coolest form of lighting.  When we are trying to set a mood, we can play with a lot of different light sources, intensities and colors.  For example, if you are looking to have a scary mood then oranges, yellows and dark shadows will typically be your lighting choices.  For those looking for a more romantic feel darker lighting by candlelight that flickers, and glows is the main tone.  Deep reds and flickers of yellow are typically the tones you will see.

No matter what your tone and what you need your lighting for, playing with different sources, intensities and colors will help change the mood.  Using different fixtures, shads, bulbs and more will add to your lighting choices.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your lighting.  The more you play the greater the results you will achieve.