Constructing Your Own Aquarium

Having an aquarium can be a fun and interesting project for you and your kids.  When deciding on the type of aquarium you will have there are a lot of different options you can go with.  The first will be if you want to have a prebuilt aquarium or a Custom Aquariums denver built. 

The prebuilt aquariums

Many aquariums come in a prebuilt kit.  They will have the tank itself, the rocks, accessories and even the basic chemicals.  These types of aquariums are great for first time builders or those that want a standard tank, however, for those looking for a custom experience having a custom tank built is the key.

Measure firs

It all comes down to measuring the area you will want for the tank.  This is the width, depth and height.  Before you invest in a custom tank you will want to make sure that you know exactly the size you will need.  If you measure wrong, then nothing else will work right.

Custom Aquariums denver


What type of fish will you have in your tank?  Are you looking to have saltwater or freshwater?  The type of fish and other sea life you will have in your tank will also need to be decided before you begin.


What type of glass are you interested in?  For many tanks the thickness of the glass will determine the water pressure that it can sustain.  Picking a thicker glass will help with sound proofing and with added support.  You can also have tinted glass that when the light shines into the tank will have a somber feeling.

Filtration system

No matter what type of tank you want to get you will need a good filtration system.  With this system you will be able to have water sent through the system and cleaned on a regular basis.  This will help to keep your tank clean and your fish an enjoyable experience.