5 Reasons to Try Cannabis Extracts


If you love cannabis, you will absolutely adore extracts. The experts have spoken and cannabis consumers say they’re the best. Of course, most of them would also agree that extracts and cannabis flower together rule. If you have yet to try extracts, now is the time to make a change in your life. This change will help you beyond measure. Take a look at five reasons you should try LewPow Extracts already.

1- Do Something Different

The high that is produced after smoking flour is much different than the high you feel after smoking extracts. If you are a longtime smoker, it can be nice to get a changeup. It may even feel like your first time all over again.

LewPow Extracts

2- Strains

Just as flowers come in hundreds of strains, concentrates do as well. You can even find various types of concentrates to choose from. If you have a favorite strain it is probably available in a concentrate.

3- More Intense High

The high that you get after using an extract is simply amazing. It is intense and long lasting and much stronger than herb could ever offer. In some cases, extract has as much as 90% potency. Wowza!

4- Use Less product

Although extract costs more than flowers, they also last much longer because you need less product to achieve the same or better feeling that you are looking for. Besides, throw in a few deals and coupons and concentrates are not that expensive themselves.

5- Great to Socialize

If you are a social smoker, concentration works wonderfully in social settings. Again, you need less product so everyone can chip in and save money. There will be much better, deeper conversations and a better understanding when you have used concentrates/extracts.